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Corrective Action: Do not store hazardous materialson the floor, especially in glass containers!


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Know the potential hazards of the materials used in the laboratory.

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Comments Hand protection is available, matched to hazards, and in use. Are there no metal or aluminum ladders in electrical areas? Laminated copies are also available from EHRS and can be ordered using the Online request form.

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Laboratory Safety Officerwill conduct laboratory safety inspections regularly. Give detailed recommendations and complete your report on your mobile without leaving the lab. Do your workers feel they have job stability? With one hand kept behind your back, scoop the cap off a flat surface with the needle, and seat the cap against the surface.

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For research laboratories located in The Levy Center for Oral Health Research. Are there means available to reach items above shoulder level safely, such as a step stool? Are the floors around the machines kept clean. School Laboratory Checklist OHS Reps.

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The laboratory environment exposes numerous hazards to students and staff. Are all materials piled, racked or stored in a safe manner? When respirators are to be used, all requirements of the Respiratory Protection Program shall be met.


Obstructed passageway, entrance, exit, door, or locked exit door.

The sign is intended to alert emergency responders and visitors of potential hazards and precautions for entry.

Click here to download a copy of the Hazard Warning Signage Request. Is there an inventory of all radiation counting and monitoring? Have employees been notified of specific handling procedures associated with biohazards used in their work area?

Are all chemical containers well labeled, capped and in good condition? SOPs must address appropriate personal protective equipment, containment devices, decontamination procedures and waste disposalprocedures.

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The sites below have short videos related to safe work with various hazards in labs. Remove regular waste to the trash bin on the loading dock. Retain training records and all documentation. Only use this code as a last resort.

Are the Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals present in the laboratory? URI is an equal opportunity employer committed to the principles of affirmative action. Do not store more chemicals than you reasonably need. Please check you provide site, and streptavidin conjugation methods shown in size. Use this list only as a guide to prepare your laboratoryocumentation should be organized and availablebefore the scheduled arrival of the inspector.

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These properties are reflected in aerosols, colloids, or powders. Do not engage in horseplay or rough housing in the laboratory. Refer to the webpage for further information. General Safety in the School of Medicine.

Have all open top solvent pump cans been removed from the work area? Looking for potential hazards or deleted in date those that all activities to safety checklist drilling engineer, etc to train and tips for.

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The importance of mental wellness at work is gaining awareness. Drivers.

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Keep the laboratory space unobstructed and clean all spills immediately to avoid accidents.

Iodinators must log in the information immediately following an iodination. Have all personnel, and particularly women of childbearing age, been provided information regarding immune competence and conditions that may predispose them to infection? Are bench tops impervious to water and resistant to moderate heat and the chemicals used to decontaminate the work surfaces and equipment? The chemical inventory should detail the type and amount of each substance stored in a laboratory facility. This form is to be used as a template only and does not necessarily imply that you, as the Principle Investigator, should have all areas completed.

Request for review of hazardous equipment or hazardous process use. Chemical stored by classification and not alphabetically? Please dispose of all your mercury thermometers even if you do not need the same number of replacements.

These spills require intervention from an outside agency. StatementImportant Dates And Deadlines Table This Your free trial comes with access to our most powerful features for teams.

Procedures may vary in the hospital, clinical areas or other University spaces. Are the laboratory doors kept closed at all times, and locked when workers are not present? Are eyewashes in good condition, clean and capped? Is UMN property, including keys and badges, accounted for when workers leave or change laboratories?

Do personnel understand that used disposable needles must not be bent, sheared, broken, recapped, removed from disposable syringes, or otherwise manipulated?

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Recommendations: Only plants and animals associated with the research project are permitted in the laboratory.

Engineered nanoparticles may be bought via commercial vendors or generated via experimental procedures by researchers in the laboratory.

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Do not take contaminated clothing home. Vi Property Maintenance To A Of Statement.

The Environmental Health and Safety Department provides health and safety consulting services in the areas of industrial safety, hazardous materials handling, storage and disposal, industrial hygiene, health physics, chemical spill response, medical surveillance and personnel training.

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Certification renewal is required annually. Wands Application Deadline Flores.

For research laboratories located in Goddard, Leidy, and Lynch Laboratories. UV, Laser, Radiation, Biohazard, noise, high voltage, etc. Have all users been trained to operate this equipment? Chemical exposure and use determines which.

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ASBC Lab Safety Checklist. Are all fixed machines bolted to the floor?

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Containers must be labeled for contents and usage.